Monday, October 6, 2014

A Dominant 2 - 0 Win for Western

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson
On Saturday, the end of a long road trip, the Plainsmen of Northeastern Junior College and the Mustangs played in Sterling CO.  This was a game that the Mustangs marked on their calendar after NJC escaped Rock Springs at the beginning of the year with a 1 - 0 win.
Western came out and played with a lot of offensive gusto and tenacity.  The opening chance came within seconds of the opening whistle but Andrew Newbold just missed on the shot.  Possession and shots were plentiful for WWCC throughout the match.  The first goal for Western came in the 34th minute when Andrew Newbold sent a nice centered through ball to Jesse Cardenas who nicely placed the ball past the NJC keeper.  More chances were had for the Mustangs but no goals came and the halftime score was 1 - 0 in favor of WWCC.
In the second half much of the same occurred as WWCC kept possession and kept peppering the Plainsmen goal.  The second goal for the Mustangs was in the 63rd minute when Gunner Burrell dropped the ball off for Levi Tams who rocketed the shot to the bottom left corner from about 15 yards out.  The defense and keeper were very solid for the Mustangs on the day and earned their first shutout for the team and first career shutout for Kyle Mivshek.  The win brings the WWCC record to 7 - 6 - 2 on the 2014 season.

Mustang Man of the Match - Levi Tams - Levi had the second goal of the match and played very well off of the bench.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 31, NJC 8; Assists - WWCC 2, NJC 0; Saves - WWCC 5, NJC 13; Corner Kicks - WWCC 10, NJC 4; Free Kicks - WWCC 15, NJC 13; Cards - WWCC 2, NJC 4.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Friday October 10th vs Trinidad State Junior College at Rock Springs WY, Rock Springs Junior High at 2:30pm

110 Minutes and a Tie for the Mustangs

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson
After a 10 hour bus trip on Thursday the Mustangs played their first ever match against the Raiders of Central Community College in Columbus NE on Friday.  It was again a very cold and windy day, high in the 40s and 20 - 30 mph wind.  The Mustangs much like the previous match had the wind at their back for the first half.  The first half saw all two goals for the match.  The Raiders struck first blood in the 11th minute after crossing the ball and finishing the pass just inside the near post of WWCC keeper Austin Pinter.  With the wind at their back the Mustangs took more chances in the first half and it paid off in the 35th minute when Riley Gibson converted a penalty kick.  The halftime score was tied 1 - 1.
In the second half the Mustangs knew the wind would be a challenge, so they played more defensively and even subbed in keeper Kyle Mivshek.  Although CCC had many shots in the second half most genuine chances were thwarted by the Mustangs.  After 90 minutes of play the score was still tied at 1 goal a piece.
In overtime the Mustangs took the wind and opened up their offense to find the match winning goal in the first 10 OT minutes, but were unable to find the goal.  The last 10 minutes the Mustangs fought the wind, fatigue and a home team looking for a win, but were able to do enough to keep the match tied.  The draw brings the Mustang's 2014 record to 6 - 6 - 2.

Mustang Man of the Match - Kyle Mivshek - Kyle was a second half sub, had 9 saves throughout the second half and overtime along with calming down the WWCC defense.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 11, CCC 24; Assists - WWCC 0, CCC 1; Saves - WWCC 12, CCC 5; Corner Kicks - WWCC 7, CCC 7; Free Kicks - WWCC 14, CCC 14; Cards - WWCC 3, CCC 1.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Saturday October 4th at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling CO at 3:00pm

Monday, September 29, 2014

Northwest College Hands WWCC another Defeat

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson
On Saturday on a chilly and very windy afternoon the Mustangs played again versus the Trappers of Northwest College in Powell WY.  The Mustangs had the wind at their backs in the first half but could not use it to their advantage to get on the scoreboard.  It looked like WWCC would score first but the penalty kick was blocked by the Trapper's keeper from Brock Mosier early in the first half.  The Trappers used a good counter attack to get on the board in the 18th minute after a crossed ball found the foot of a Northwest player who beat Austin Pinter.  The half time score was 1 - 0 in favor of Northwest.
In the second half, it seemed that Western was going to use their short passing game to combat the wind and find chances but a bad couple of minutes sunk the Mustangs in the second half.  It all started off of a Northwest corner in the 54th minute that found the back of the net using the wind to score directly off of the corner.  Just seconds later in the 55th minute Northwest split the WWCC defense and slotted the ball past Pinter for a commanding 3 - 0 lead for the Trappers.  Many reserve players got good playing time and should how good of players they are in the second half.  In the 89th minute Alan Wendlandt was fouled about 25 yards from goal that set up a free kick that Colton Cottrell hit with his left foot around the wall, into the wind and past the Northwest keeper.  The final score was Northwest 3 - WWCC 1.  The loss still has the Mustangs in second place in the Region IX North but makes the last Region IX North matches so very important for the Mustangs.

Mustang Man of the Match - Colton Cottrell - Colton played all 90 minutes and scored the lone goal for the Mustangs.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 8, NWC 21; Assists - WWCC 0, NWC 2; Saves - WWCC 10, NWC 3; Corner Kicks - WWCC 4, NWC 6; Free Kicks - WWCC 12, NWC 12; Cards - WWCC 1, NWC 4.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Friday October 3rd at Central Community College in Columbus NE at 3:00pm

Own Goal Hurts WWCC at Sheridan

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson
On Friday on an unseasonably hot day in Sheridan Wyoming the Sheridan Generals hosted the Western Wyoming Mustangs.  It was apparent from the start of the match that the Generals were not going to allow the Mustangs close to their goal but would allow the Mustangs ample loads of possession.
Western Wyoming had the lions share of the possession throughout the match but could never break down the Sheridan College defense to find a goal.  The only goal of the match was in the 28th minute when the ball was crossed into the WWCC box and was unintentionally deflected into the Mustang goal off of the foot of a Mustang defender.
It was a frustrating offensive match for the Mustangs who could not seem to get a good shot on target or find time in the attacking third of the field. The final score after 90 minutes was WWCC 0 - Sheridan College 1.  The Region IX North loss drops the Mustangs to second place in the Region IX North.
Mustang Man of the Match - Gunner Burrell - Gunner had 5 shots on the day and played well throughout the match.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 20, SC 6; Assists - WWCC 0, SC 0; Saves - WWCC 3, SC 7; Corner Kicks - WWCC 7, SC 1; Free Kicks - WWCC 8, SC 17; Cards - WWCC 2, SC 5.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Saturday September 27th at Northwest College in Powell WY at 2:00pm (Region IX North Match)

Tiger Turf Helps Mustangs Tie the Cougars

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson

On Tuesday night at Rock Springs High School the Mustangs faced their second oldest rival in the Western Nebraska Community College Cougars.  In a showdown for first place in Region IX North both teams played very well and put on a great college soccer show.  WNCC Cougars' offense exploded in the first minutes of the first half only to be thwarted at every turn by the stingy Mustang defense.  The first goal of the match went to WWCC as Brock Mosier sent a through ball into Gunner Burrell and he scored in the 45th minute.  The halftime score was WWCC 1 and WNCC 0.
In the second half the Mustangs showed more offense and more easily controlled the Cougars attack.  Sadly just as the WWCC team was ready to lock down the win the Cougars slotted a ball past the defense and put it past Austin Pinter in the 85th minute.  The remaining five minutes were scoreless and the two teams went into overtime.
WWCC again controlled more of the match the further into overtime it went.  Unfortunately, the chances that WWCC had in the overtime period were just missed by Jesse Cardenas, Brock Mosier, Gunner Burrell and Andrew Newbold.  After 110 minutes the score was still tied at 1 - 1 and ended in a draw between the first and second place teams in Region IX North.

Mustang Man of the Match - Austin Pinter - Austin made several key and timely saves, totaling 14 saves for the match.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 14, WNCC 33; Assists - WWCC 1, WNCC 1; Saves - WWCC 14, WNCC 6; Corner Kicks - WWCC 1, WNCC 5; Free Kicks - WWCC 15, WNCC 16; Cards - WWCC 4, WNCC 1

Up Next for the Mustangs - Friday September 26th at Sheridan College in Sheridan WY at 3:00pm (Region IX North Match)


Monday, September 22, 2014

#17 Trinidad State Junior College Downs the Mustangs

A day after the first WWCC victory in La Junta CO over Otero Junior College the Mustangs took on the #17 Trinidad State Junior College Trojans in Trinidad CO.  The Mustangs changed formations to try to slow down the TSJC attack.  Just when the changed seemed to work, the first TSJC goal was scored in the 15th minute when two Trojans overloaded the right zone and slipped the ball past Austin Pinter in the WWCC goal.  The Trojans did not waste any time in adding to their lead when they scored the second goal in the 20th minute off of a corner kick which was headed home.  The halftime score was 2 - 0 in favor for TSJC.
The second half was much like the first with a lot of pressure from the Trojans and little attack and possession for the Mustangs.  Another corner kick proved to be a goal scoring opportunity for the Trojans in the 72nd minute with another headed goal from TSJC.  The Trojan lead was 3 - 0 and looked to perhaps stay at that score when in the 89th minute another Trojan goal was scored.  This goal was again on the right side of the field after a ball was not cleared and was corralled by the Trojans who put it into the net against the WWCC keeper, Kyle Mivshek.  The loss brings the Mustangs record to 6 - 4 - 0, with the Mustangs still atop of the Region IX North.  Trinidad State is the team that is in first position in the Region IX South.

Mustang Man of the Match - Spencer Seitz - Spencer played very tough and gave his all for the Red, White and Black.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 8, TSJC 21; Assists - WWCC 0, TSJC 4; Saves - WWCC 11, TSJC 4; Corner Kicks - WWCC 5, TSJC 8; Free Kicks - WWCC 10, TSJC 15; Cards - WWCC 3, TSJC 0.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Tuesday September 23rd versus Western Nebraska CC at Rock Springs High School (1375 James Drive) in Rock Springs WY at 7:00pm.  This is a Region IX North Match and a Black-Out, so all the fans are encouraged to wear black.

WWCC Wins First Match in La Junta CO

On Friday, a very warm late September day, in La Junta CO the Otero Junior College Rattlers hosted the Mustangs from Western Wyoming Community College.  Otero Junior College are the defending Region IX Champions.  The Mustangs started off strong and nearly scored in the opening minutes off of a OJC mistake with the ball being sent back to their keeper.  The Mustangs opening minutes paid off in the 11th minute when Andrew Newbold sent a nicely paced through ball that Riley Gibson placed into the net for a WWCC lead of 1 - 0.  Just minutes later in the 14th minute a beautiful build up and play happened for the Mustangs.  The Mustangs put several one touch passes together ending with Brock Mosier sending a give and go to Chandler Young who hit a nicely hit shot into the net from 18 yards out.  The Mustangs lead was 2 - 0 and it is a lead that they kept until the half.

The second half was better played by the Rattlers who had a lot of possession but lack a lot of chances.  However, in the 66th minute a shot from an OJC player ricocheted into the back of the net.  The WWCC lead was cut to 2 - 1.  Both the Mustangs and the Rattlers had many chances in the final thirty plus minutes.  The best chances for the Rattlers came in the last seconds but the Mustang back line (Carson Broadhead, Colton Cottrell, Taylor Flitton and Devin Moore) and keeper (Austin Pinter) stopped the attack and block their shots at the goal line.
Mustang Man of the Match - Chandler Young - Chandler scored the game winner and played well to control the match and the middle of the field.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 10, OJC 22; Assists - WWCC 2, OJC 0; Saves - WWCC 14, OJC 5; Corner Kicks - WWCC 2, OJC 7; Free Kicks - WWCC 17, OJC 6; Cards - WWCC 0, OJC 3.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Saturday 9/20 versus #17 Trinidad State Junior College in Trinidad CO at 3:00pm.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Crazy Comeback Ends with OT Loss

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson
On Saturday at Rock Springs Junior High field the Utah State Eastern Golden Eagles faced the home standing Western Wyoming Mustangs.  It was a strange match, a tale of a dramatic comeback and match of what might have been for the Mustangs.

USU Eastern netted the first goal in the 20th minute, this was the lone goal of the first half.  The Mustangs were playing a little flat and lacking intensity in possession.  The half time score was 1 - 0 in favor of the Golden Eagles.

The second half was much of the same for the first 35 minutes.  USU Eastern scored in the 46th minute off of a defensive mistake by the Mustangs for a 2 - 0 lead.  The match seemed to play right into USU Eastern's hands when Gunner Burrell from WWCC was red carded with 9 minutes remaining.  What looked like an insurance goal the USU Golden Eagles scored in the 82nd minute for a seemingly insurmountable lead of 3 - 0 with 8 minutes to go.  The Mustangs never gave up and scored off of a steal and got the score to 1 - 3 in the 82nd minute when Jesse Cardenas scored off of an Andrew Newbold assist.  Continuing to fight and claw back in to the match the Mustangs scored again in the 87th minute when Riley Gibson sent a great ball that Brock Mosier scored into the bottom left corner.  WWCC played lights out and found another opportunity with just 10 seconds left on the clock and a free kick.  Taylor Flitton sent the ball into the penalty box where the ball bounced around several times, Andrew Newbold touched the ball to Brock Mosier who scored his brace with just 3 seconds on the clock to tie up the match at 3 to 3.

In overtime the Golden Eagles won the toss and took the wind at their back.  It was a fairly evenly played overtime period.  Just when it seemed that they two teams were destined to play the second overtime period, USU Eastern counter attacked and split the WWCC defense and scored in the 99th minute to end the match.  Final Score WWCC 3 - USU Eastern 4 OT.

Mustang Man of the Match - Brock Mosier, Brock scored two goals in the match including the match tying goal with 3 seconds remaining in the match.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 10, USUE 19; Assists - WWCC 3, USUE 4; Saves - WWCC 5, USUE 2; Corner Kicks - WWCC 4, USUE 3; Free Kicks - WWCC 13, USUE 11; Cards - WWCC 6, USUE 3.

Up Next for the Mustangs; Friday September  19th versus Otero Junior College - La Junta CO at 4:00pm.