Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Steven Shelley, Ex Mustang, Leading Scorer for Waldorf College

 Steven Shelley, a 2011 and 2012 alumnus of Western Wyoming Community College is doing very well this season for the Waldorf College Warriors (NAIA - Iowa).  Steven is the squad's leading scorer with 5 goals.  He and his teammates have 1 more regular season match left before they start their run through the NAIA playoffs.  Congrats and good luck to Steven and the Warriors.

Tournament Upset Ends Season for the Mustangs

Mustang Man of the Match:

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC , USUE ; Assists - WWCC , USUE ; Saves - WWCC , USUE ; Corner Kicks - WWCC , USUE ; Free Kicks - WWCC , USUE ; Cards - WWCC , USUE

Up Next for the Mustangs; End of the 2014 Season

WWCC Ends Regular Season With Loss at Western NE

Mustang Man of the Match:

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC , WNCC ; Assists - WWCC , WNCC ; Saves - WWCC , WNCC ; Corner Kicks - WWCC , WNCC ; Free Kicks - WWCC , WNCC ; Cards - WWCC , WNCC

Up Next for the Mustangs; Saturday October 25th at 2:00pm versus USU Eastern (1st Round of Region IX Tournament) at Rock Springs Junior High (3500 Foothill Blvd) Rock Springs WY

WWCC Sweeps LCCC for First Time, Earn Second Place in Region

Mustang Man of the Match: Landon Jacobsen - Landon had a goal and an assist in the match against the WWCC rivals.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC , LCCC; Assists - WWCC , LCCC ; Saves - WWCC , LCCC ; Corner Kicks - WWCC , LCCC ; Free Kicks - WWCC , LCCC ; Cards - WWCC , LCCC

Up Next for the Mustangs; Saturday October 18th at Scottsbluff NE versus Western NE CC at 3:00pm

OJC Second Half Ruins WWCC Sophomore Day

Mustang Man of the Match:

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC , OJC ; Assists - WWCC , OJC ; Saves - WWCC , OJC ; Corner Kicks - WWCC , OJC ; Free Kicks - WWCC , OJC ; Cards - WWCC , OJC

Up Next for the Mustangs; Friday October 17th at 1:30pm in Cheyenne WY versus LCCC.

#14 TSJC Too Good for the Mustangs Today

Mustang Man of the Match:

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC , TSJC ; Assists - WWCC , TSJC ; Saves - WWCC , TSJC ; Corner Kicks - WWCC , TSJC ; Free Kicks - WWCC , TSJC ; Cards - WWCC , TSJC

Up Next for the Mustangs; Saturday October 11th versus Otero Junior College at Rock Springs Junior High (3500 Foothill Blvd) at 11am.  Sophomore Recognition Night.

Monday, October 6, 2014

A Dominant 2 - 0 Win for Western

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson
On Saturday, the end of a long road trip, the Plainsmen of Northeastern Junior College and the Mustangs played in Sterling CO.  This was a game that the Mustangs marked on their calendar after NJC escaped Rock Springs at the beginning of the year with a 1 - 0 win.
Western came out and played with a lot of offensive gusto and tenacity.  The opening chance came within seconds of the opening whistle but Andrew Newbold just missed on the shot.  Possession and shots were plentiful for WWCC throughout the match.  The first goal for Western came in the 34th minute when Andrew Newbold sent a nice centered through ball to Jesse Cardenas who nicely placed the ball past the NJC keeper.  More chances were had for the Mustangs but no goals came and the halftime score was 1 - 0 in favor of WWCC.
In the second half much of the same occurred as WWCC kept possession and kept peppering the Plainsmen goal.  The second goal for the Mustangs was in the 63rd minute when Gunner Burrell dropped the ball off for Levi Tams who rocketed the shot to the bottom left corner from about 15 yards out.  The defense and keeper were very solid for the Mustangs on the day and earned their first shutout for the team and first career shutout for Kyle Mivshek.  The win brings the WWCC record to 7 - 6 - 2 on the 2014 season.

Mustang Man of the Match - Levi Tams - Levi had the second goal of the match and played very well off of the bench.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 31, NJC 8; Assists - WWCC 2, NJC 0; Saves - WWCC 5, NJC 13; Corner Kicks - WWCC 10, NJC 4; Free Kicks - WWCC 15, NJC 13; Cards - WWCC 2, NJC 4.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Friday October 10th vs Trinidad State Junior College at Rock Springs WY, Rock Springs Junior High at 2:30pm

110 Minutes and a Tie for the Mustangs

Photos Courtesy of Jen Atkinson
After a 10 hour bus trip on Thursday the Mustangs played their first ever match against the Raiders of Central Community College in Columbus NE on Friday.  It was again a very cold and windy day, high in the 40s and 20 - 30 mph wind.  The Mustangs much like the previous match had the wind at their back for the first half.  The first half saw all two goals for the match.  The Raiders struck first blood in the 11th minute after crossing the ball and finishing the pass just inside the near post of WWCC keeper Austin Pinter.  With the wind at their back the Mustangs took more chances in the first half and it paid off in the 35th minute when Riley Gibson converted a penalty kick.  The halftime score was tied 1 - 1.
In the second half the Mustangs knew the wind would be a challenge, so they played more defensively and even subbed in keeper Kyle Mivshek.  Although CCC had many shots in the second half most genuine chances were thwarted by the Mustangs.  After 90 minutes of play the score was still tied at 1 goal a piece.
In overtime the Mustangs took the wind and opened up their offense to find the match winning goal in the first 10 OT minutes, but were unable to find the goal.  The last 10 minutes the Mustangs fought the wind, fatigue and a home team looking for a win, but were able to do enough to keep the match tied.  The draw brings the Mustang's 2014 record to 6 - 6 - 2.

Mustang Man of the Match - Kyle Mivshek - Kyle was a second half sub, had 9 saves throughout the second half and overtime along with calming down the WWCC defense.

Match Facts - Shots - WWCC 11, CCC 24; Assists - WWCC 0, CCC 1; Saves - WWCC 12, CCC 5; Corner Kicks - WWCC 7, CCC 7; Free Kicks - WWCC 14, CCC 14; Cards - WWCC 3, CCC 1.

Up Next for the Mustangs - Saturday October 4th at Northeastern Junior College in Sterling CO at 3:00pm